Meet Lou 

I have lived my entire life here in Philadelphia. Born and raised in the Northeast, I have spent the last 35 years living in the Washington Square West neighborhood.

I was educated in the Philadelphia Public Schools and at Temple University. From there, I embarked on a rewarding career in the Philadelphia Police Department. I served in a variety of capacities and assignments, and learned much about every neighborhood in our town. I found the work interesting, and learned a lot about what makes this city tick. I like to say that there are 129 square miles of this city, and I know every inch of it.

Following police work, I now an employed as a realtor at a long established firm in center city.

In my lifetime, I have watched a once great city, where anyone who wanted a job could get one to slowly become a place where almost nothing is made any longer, the streets are dirty, and violence is with us on a daily basis. Most of all, the people in charge, in spite of their remarks about how well we are doing, are completely oblivious to what is plainly obvious to the rest of us.

I believe we can do much better. We can attract businesses that employ our citizens back to our city.  We can reduce crime, and provide a safe place to live for all. We can revive a once school system. And, most of all, we can have a fair and honest city government that is more concerned with the betterment of the people who employ them, rather than feathering their own nests and those of the special interests.

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